Equipment/equipment list

Strobe 750W 6 units
stand    6 units
The amount of light can be adjusted with the dimmer dial. Stands can be rented free of charge.
Rental fee: 1 aircraft 2,000 yen

1 strobe shoe
※Please note that it may not be compatible with some camera models.
Rental fee: 500 yen per piece (free for strobe rentals)

1 sync cord for strobe
This is the cord that connects to the camera when using strobe.
Rental fee: 500 yen per stick (free for strobe rentals)

Reflective umbrella for strobe (silver) 100cm 6 units
Spreads strobe light over a wide area.
Rental fee: 500 yen per device (free for strobe rentals)

Twitter campaign target equipment!
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2 LED lights, 2 stands
Rental fee: 3,000 yen per machine (regular rental not covered by the campaign can be rented up to 6 machines)

If rented at another studio
Please check in advance as it may not be possible to rent.

6 soft lights
6 stands
Rental fee: 1,500 yen per plane

105cm in diameter 1 sheet

1 tripod

1 extension cord

Makita rechargeable blower
18V UB182DZ
Paid / 2,000 yen
It is possible to blow air.

If rented at another studio
Please check in advance as it may not be possible to rent.

camera speaker
1 speaker
Rental fee: 3,000 yen
Makita rechargeable radio speaker
High-quality triple speaker & multi-amplifier
Bluetooth compatible
USB device can be charged
Dustproof and waterproof performance IP65

If rented at another studio
Please check in advance as it may not be


Advanced ventilation equipment DAIKIN
In addition to exchanging conditioned indoor air with fresh outdoor air,
Daikin’s total heat exchanger returns heat and humidity to the room, realizing energy-saving and comfortable ventilation.
Ventilation design considering air flow and air quality.
You can always take in fresh air and shoot with confidence.

Black and white kapok 3 x 6 size(900×1800×25mm)2 firing boards
Rental fee: 1,500 yen per sheet
One side white, one side black board.
Spreading the light on the white side gives a soft and bright impression, or tightening it black on the black side to enhance the three-dimensional effect…
It is also possible to block the light from the window.

NANLITE PavoTube T8-7X
Rental fee: 3,000 yen/one
Special price of 10,000 yen if you rent all 4 together!
It is a lightweight tube type light with a total length of 1m. The color temperature can be produced from 2700 to 7500K, and the light-emitting surface of 180° or more illuminates a wide area.
Rental is only for light, 2 charging cords, 1 charging adapter (2 ports) (stand not included)
*Advance application is required as it takes time to charge.※

Smoke machine small for filming

Smoke machine small
Rental fee: 5,000 yen
400WA small smoke machine equipped with a heater.
Basically, the smoke machine will warm up (*warm up is about 8 minutes) before injection.
For continuous injection, after continuous injection for about 30 seconds (depending on the temperature and production lot),
After that, it will be a specification that repeats the warm-up for about 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Large smoke machine for filming

Smoke machine large
Rental fee: 10,000 yen
1200WA super-cooperative smoke machine equipped with a heater.
Basically, the smoke machine will warm up (* warm up for about 5 minutes) before injecting.
Effective production is possible with the main unit alone with color LED.
You can produce even more effectively by using it with a laser light.

Special facility usage fee when using the smoke machine
料金 10,000円

In order to adjust the facility equipment, when using the smoke machine, it is necessary to declare the use at the time of reservation.
Even if you bring in the machine itself, you need to pay the facility usage fee here.

Note: If you wish to use the limited-time campaign equipment, please indicate so in the remarks column when making a reservation.
Paid equipment will be the same.
If you contact us after the start of use, it may take time to prepare or we may not be able to lend it.