Is it possible to use it for a party with food and drink?

GALLERY-O14 Eating and drinking in DOJO is prohibited in principle.
In addition, use as a party venue is also prohibited as it is not suitable for use as a dojo.
However, if you are planning to use it for a seminar, etc., it may be possible if you let us know in advance what you would like to eat and drink, so please contact us in advance to confirm.
However, please be aware that if the building, facilities, or fixtures are damaged or contaminated, you will be charged the cost of restoring them to their original state or the actual cost of repair.
In addition, please note that we will refuse any acts that cause inconvenience to the neighborhood or are contrary to public order and morals. In the unlikely event that something like that happens, we may ask you to leave the venue. Please note that the rental fee will not be refunded at all.