Introduction of affiliated studios|O13

A rental photo studio opened on the 1st floor of the Kaikan Building, a 3-minute walk from JR Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo. Gallery O 13 Noblesse. The main room is a full-fledged photography studio that reproduces a medieval palace, with plenty of vintage French antique furniture and gorgeous chandeliers. A gigantic 4-meter-high door is also installed, allowing you to take pictures in a majestic atmosphere. A make-up room is also available. In addition to the palace area, it is possible to shoot in various scenes such as the antique bedroom area, the huge chandelier staircase area, etc. MV shooting, interview shooting, apparel shooting, cosplay shooting, etc. The main area is also fully equipped with air conditioning linked to the total heat exchanger, so ventilation measures are perfect.

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