Minimum usage time on weekdays4 hours or more,
The minimum usage time on holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) is6 hours or morebecomes.
It is a rental space with the same price for corporations/individuals, stills/movies.
Please feel free to contact us for more than 24 hours and weekly usage fee.

Reservations start from the month you wish to shoot3months agoIt will be from
Studio specifications, etc. may change, so please check the website again one month before the month you wish to make a reservation and contact us to make a reservation.
We do not accept reservations on the premise of keeping the schedule (provisional reservation).

Limited time only! Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays onlyFor dates already booked,Minimum of 3 hours of useNow you can make a reservation!

For reservation status, please refer to the [Schedule] section.>>
※For Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays that have not been booked,Minimum usage time is 6 hoursbecomes.
Take advantage of the [gap] of the reservation and make the best use of the studio! !
※Please note that late night packs are not counted as “reservations”.

【Terms of Service】
Please also refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.>>

About the use of lighting

Please be sure to close the curtains when using lighting (strobe, flash, etc.) between 18:00 and 8:00 am. If there are complaints from nearby residents, we may ask you to leave. Please note that the rental fee will not be refunded at all.

About usage time

You can use it from 4 hours within this time.
On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we will accept use from 6 hours.
(Late night pack only 22:00-9:00)
The studio is not permanently staffed, so please be punctual when coming to the studio.
If you are late, please be sure to contact us in advance.
Due to the nature of managing multiple studios, if you are late, we may ask you to adjust the entrance time.
Please note.
In addition, entry and exit times will be at the reception desk on the first floor of the building, not at the entrance of the studio.

Terms of use

Advance reservations are required to use the rental photography studio.
After you apply, we will send you a reservation confirmation email that describes the application details such as the usage period and the usage fee.
There are two methods of payment: cash and bank transfer.
In the case of cash payment, please settle in cash on the day of reservation, and in the case of bank transfer, please transfer to the designated account by the day before the reservation date.
(*Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.)

GALLRY-O14 DOJO is a space where you can actually use a real historical dojo.
Please note that we may refuse to take pictures or use the dojo that does not match the image of the dojo.

Please present a document that confirms the identity of the person who made the reservation before the start of use.
Examples of identification documents: driver’s license, basic resident registration card, health insurance card, student ID card, etc.


If you wish to cancel after making a reservation, please contact us by phone.
After completing the cancellation procedure, a cancellation confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used when making the reservation.
Cancellation will be confirmed when the cancellation confirmation email is sent from our company and received by the customer. Please contact us.
There have been cases where we intended to contact our company to cancel, but accidentally contacted other studios to cancel, and our company did not receive any contact, so please be sure to check the final confirmation by email.

In addition, a cancellation fee will be charged from 20 days before the date of use. (Please let us know within business hours at least 21 days in advance.)

Contact us for cancellation
Please email and call us during business hours (10:00 to 17:00).
Please note that orders after business hours will be processed the next day.
Also, if you want to change the details of your reservation (shortening the time or changing the studio),
Cancellation fee will be charged from 20 days before the date of the reservation.

20 days to 11 days before the date of use・・・30% of usage fee (change difference)
10 days to the day before the date of use・・・50% of usage fee (change difference)
On the day of use・・・100% of usage fee (change difference)

*Cancellation on the day of reservation will be treated as [cancellation on the day], and the cancellation fee will be 100% of the usage fee.

If there are 5 or more at one time, or if the total reservation time is 24 hours or more,
Cancellation policy changes as follows.
A cancellation fee will be charged from 30 days before the date of the reservation, even if the payment is cheaper.

30 days before use ~ 11 days before use 30% of usage fee (change difference)
10 days to the day before the date of use・・・50% of the usage fee (change difference)
On the day of use・・・100% of usage fee (change difference)

Please transfer the cancellation fee to the designated account.
For those who have already paid, we will refund the difference (the transfer fee will also be deducted).
*Invoices are not issued. We will give you a receipt for the specified account or payment on site.
* A cancellation fee will be charged for the total amount paid in the reservation completion email, including paid equipment.

About loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is the responsibility of the user.
Usage time includes loading, unloading, and cleaning time.

Please note that the delivery location at the end time is not the entrance of the studio, but the reception on the first floor of the building.
*Please note that we cannot accept deliveries, such as courier service, before the reservation time.

Other precautions for use

■The main floor and fitting space are Shoes prohibited. Slippers or bare feet are required in the dojo. Please note that you can not use shoes for shooting.
■Please note that we are not responsible for loss, damage, or contamination due to disasters, theft, or other unforeseen accidents.
■If the building, facilities, or fixtures are damaged, contaminated, or lost, we will charge the cost of returning them to their original condition or the actual cost of repair.
■If there is any damage that causes the suspension of business, you will be responsible for the damage, repair costs, and insurance for that period. .
■If the studio suffers loss of business due to damage to equipment or fixtures, the cost will be borne by the studio.
■Dangerous items are strictly prohibited.
No smoking in the studio.
■Smoke is prohibited in the studio as it will trigger the smoke detector. *You can use the smoke machine only if you apply in advance and pay the facility special usage fee. Please see the FAQ for details.
■After use, please return the equipment you used to its original condition and clean the studio.
■Please note that all garbage generated during use must be taken home.
■We do not allow noise (loud music) or acts that cause trouble for the neighbors.
In the unlikely event that something like that happens, we may ask you to leave the venue.
Please note that the rental fee will not be refunded at all.
■If the studio becomes unusable due to natural disasters, etc., we will refund the rental fee that was entrusted to us.
Also, if it is impossible to move to the studio due to a typhoon, heavy snow, etc., there will be no cancellation fee on the day of the reservation, and we will change the reservation to another date. In this case, please contact us within 3 weeks of the date you wish to change. If there is no contact, the usual cancellation fee will be charged. In addition, the standard applied as a natural disaster is [the level at which all JR Yamanote lines are out of service within 3 hours before and after the reservation time]. Please note that other reasons will not be applied as a natural disaster.

Is there a limit on the number of people? (How many people can use it?)

There is no limit on the number of users.
You do not need to declare the number of users in advance, so please use it freely.
The appropriate number of people will change depending on the purpose and application, so
For details, please check the studio floor plan or contact us.
Please use or paid viewing.

Are the facilities soundproof?

DOJO The studio is not soundproofed. Therefore, playing musical instruments, playing background music at a high volume, etc. are prohibited Loud sounds in the obi, playing musical instruments, and playing BGM at a high volume are prohibited.)


About free rental equipment

The equipment in this studio can be rented free of charge or for a fee.
Therefore, please use only those who understand that the equipment is free of charge.
“I couldn’t use it well”, “I didn’t understand how to use it”, etc.
We will not accept any complaints due to the fact that the equipment provided free of charge did not achieve the desired effect.
(The strobes and LED lights in our studio are general products.)

In addition, it is possible that the previous customer may have damaged it and become unable to use it.
Only those who can understand will be able to use the equipment.
If you are concerned, please bring your own equipment.
If you damage the rental equipment while using it, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs, etc.

<Requests and notes regarding free rental equipment>

The free rental equipment is the customer’s usage status, when the equipment is damaged and sent for repair, etc.
Please note that it may not be possible to rent it temporarily.
Please ask our staff if there are any equipment that cannot be used.

Can I record simultaneously?

Since the studio is designed for still photography, the studio is not fully equipped with soundproofing equipment.

It will be taken and used using a real dojo.
Depending on the situation, the studio secretariat may ask the users of the other floors to cooperate with the shooting as much as possible.
*If there is a complaint from a person using the upper or lower floors, we may ask you to stop the sound output.

If you are concerned about the sound, we recommend that you make a reservation for the adjoining studio at the same time and come to see it in advance.

Our studio will not be held responsible for any problems with recording on the day of the shoot.
Please note that we will not refund or return the usage fee at that time.