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GALLERY-14 DOJO Maximum amount of electricity used in the studio: 60A (amps):Rated electricity 30A/Low voltage electricity 30A (air conditioner, total heat exchanger)

Note: Maximum electricity usage in the building studio 255A (amperes): Low voltage power 155A (amperes) / metered lighting 100A (amperes) )
* Total amount of electricity with another studio on another floor.
(Please note that the maximum amount of electricity will change depending on the usage of the studio)

・If you use multiple dryers, the breaker may trip, so please keep it below 15A.

・Toilet is on the first basement floor.
・You can use a part of the changing space separated by a curtain.
・The hanging scroll, Shinto altar, awards, etc. cannot be moved.
・Air conditioners and total heat exchangers are equipped with highly functional ventilation equipment.